Program 2019

Walking through Europe

Monday, August 5 at 6:00 pm

Actor and stage director, Didier Rousselet is also a hiker and travel writer. Over four hikes of 50 days each, he walked through Germany, Spain, Italy, and United Kingdom guided by a string of selected places that played a significant role in the common history of France and its neighboring countries. With the help of photos taken along the way, he will share his personal experience and speak of Europe, the turmoil of its past and the smoothen relations of today. 
He will gladly follow the conference with a book signing session.

Price : 8€ (free -10 years old)

The Mathematics of Beauty and the Beauty of Mathematics

For all ages
Friday, August 9 at 6:00pm

This conference, presented by Professor Monica Neagoy, converges her passions for mathmatics and art.
Whether subjective or objective, ephemeral or eternal, arousing the senses or charming the intellect, beauty has forever challenged philosophers and artists alike. This multimedia presentation invites you to ponder the meanings of beauty, examine the hidden mathematics behind things beautiful, and enjoy aspects of mathematics that delight, excite and ignite!

Price : 8€ (free -10 years old)